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It is vitally important to acknowledge the impact child death has on siblings. All too easily adults impose their 'grown up' beliefs on the remaining children thinking they are protecting them. It is very often the case that this 'protection' is actually encouraging deep seated insecurity and pain in the siblings. They need to be encouraged to talk openly about their brother/sister.

My Little Brother Gareth 
  The Reason He Had To Go
I can still hear him laughing
I can still see him by my side
I can still see his chubby legs
Running around my mind

I can still see “Tom & Jerry”
Hanging from his chest
I can still see all his little tops and
Little trousers and his little vests

I can still see his blue eyes
That sparkled when he laughed
I can still see him covered in bubbles
Everytime he bathed

I can still see him, hear him
And feel his gentle touch
I can still see my little brother
Who gave us all so much

Jeni Booker - 15 years old
The 4th of June ‘93
That was when he went
They told me he was sleeping
But really I knew what that meant

But still I went on wishing
That he would come back
And we could carry on being a family
But missing out the days when he might never come back

I always saw his face
His blue eyes, his hair, his smile
And started running towards him
But it went on for mile after mile

But then I came back to our world
And started wondering ‘Why'?
Why he was the one that had to go
And the one to leave and die

He was only three, coming up four
And now he will be eight
I can't help but thinking
Hate, hate, hate

But now I know why
Why he had to go
And I know that we will all have to go sometime
Whether we want to or not.

By Sarah Booker - 11 years old



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