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Gareth was just over 2 years old when he suddenly showed signs of ill health. His illness was soon to be diagnosed as a brain tumour and, in the following months, our lives changed beyond all recognition. The title "My Grumpy Thumb" is dedicated to Gareth's memory since he had the habit of sucking his thumb until it became wrinkled. He would then proudly boast to everyone that he had a "grumpy thumb"!

"My Grumpy Thumb" is the title of the book recently published (December 2004) by Ken Booker, father of Gareth. Although the book expresses the deep emotional turmoil which took place throughout his sons illness, treatment and ultimately his death it also aims to express the love, happiness and deeply humbling experience of meeting many terminally ill children.

"It was whilst on the oncology ward at Birmingham Children's Hospital where I saw some of the happiest, smiling children. They lived for the day, surely there's a lesson for all of us"

Now free to download pdf version immediately.

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The book is available to purchase at a cost of £5.99 (UKP)
ISBN       0-9547-1080-0   127 pages
Publisher  BFG Media


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