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This website is created by bereaved parents for bereaved parents. The death of a child, of whatever age, is the most tragic event any parent can expect to deal with. The aim of this website is primarily to express an empathy with other bereaved parents through sharing our thoughts and experiences. Throughout our son's illness, which appeared after his second birthday, we have had the great fortune to become friends with many parents who have gone through similar tragedies in life, and we gain comfort and support from their continued friendship.

I hope to develop this site in celebration of the life of our Son, Gareth and to his two sisters who miss him dearly. I also aim to provide useful links to other official websites in order for parents, families and friends to discover more about their childs illness. Information is needed in order for us to make informed decisions on treatment and support. I desperately needed information when my son's illness was first diagnosed but it wasn't until the last few months of his life I discovered answers to many of my questions.

I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all medical staff "out there" for their truly dedicated work in trying to relieve the suffering of our children.

The "Bereaved Father's Group" was an interim way to get a number of bereaved fathers together talking about their feelings with regard to the losing of their child. With the assistance of Acorns Children's Hospice we were able to support each other over a number of years as we all worked our way through grief. During my involvement in the father's group I had become increasingly interested in the way in which gender affects the grieving process. There is much research on this matter and it is crystal clear that the way the mother grieves for the loss of her child is often very different from the way the father grieves. Unless these differences are understood and acknowledged they can become a great source of instability in a relationship.

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